Hot Oven Effort

I noticed in most testimonies I hear in churches, rehab facilities, or support group meetings, especially when some form of addictive behavior is reigns, the speaker describes his/her out of control survival experience. Ingredients include levels of pain, anxiety, remorse, anger, aloneness, fear, etc until the point of a surrendering breakthrough.

I thought about what happens in an oven turned up to a radiant intense level of 425 to broil degrees.

The ingredients undergoes a complex process of chemical and physical reactions which transform the dish from goo into light, fluffy delightfulness like a cake or converts raw meat, poultry, or seafood into editable nourishing substances.

Disappointment at 250 degrees could turn up the heat to broiling anger causing mental, physical, emotional or even spiritual burnout. Resistance sprinkled with fear of unknown and vivid negative imagination can convert to surrender moving onto God’s plan. The secret is the hot heat is part of the process

I’m learning how to surrender my ego driven will earlier. Change is becoming less intense and scary. Favorable outcomes are more frequent and joyful.

That’s not to say This awareness exempts me from terror like boogiemen/women/situations, but they appear less frequently for shorter periods of time.

Just thinking out loud…


Author: Jean Watley

Reflections on ordinary experiences

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