What’s In Your Word Bank?

I like reading your posts updating your latest challenge and the verbs you use to describe them.  Some are laced with dread or remorse.  Some have deep insight packed with resolve, strength, and overwhelming courage.  Much reveal the method of choice used to navigate when life feels out of control or when you are feeling blessed and exceed your expectations.  I have all these synonyms in my bank of words.  “Gratitude” is my favorite.   Grateful for disappointments and surprise visitors who come to my pity parties.  Grateful for absent onlookers at celebrations of accomplishments.  Grateful for mental and emotional agility when I’m happy or gloomy.  We are not always untouchable or invincible. But I am grateful when my wake-up clock alarms me “its time to go or I have plenty of time to stay awhile.  What’s in your bank of words?

words text scrabble blocks
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


Author: Jean Watley

Reflections on ordinary experiences

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