God put theses thoughts on my heart this morning. It was about Job. One of the first things, because of Job’s faith in God’s protection and sovereignty (ruler of all things – never frustrated or at a loss). In the face of Satan’s challenge that he could cause Job to abandon his Faith, God allowed Satan to attack Job, but not his spirit.

This is the part that brought you, me, and His faithful servants. “The things I feared the most are the thing that came upon me…”. I enjoy writing my thoughts because I don’t always recall everything I hear in the night.

I believe we point Satan to our vulnerable spots through the entrance way to fear and dread. We get to say, I knew, I knew it all the time!” As though that’s a sign of knowing the unknowable.

I have to catch myself in the act of partnering with Satan. He, too has a powerful talent of influence. The good part is catching these thoughts in mid air allowing blockages of pain and suffering. That’s how we grow along our Spiritual walk.

I urge you to purposefully defeat doubt when it visits. You don’t have to offer a comfortable seat for it to lounge around on. That’s when miracles materialize.

Catch YOURSELF playing an active role in chaos making. Replace negative thoughts with hope-fill expectancies.

If Job did, so do you. Speak an authentic positive word to someone today. Hear it when it returns to you.

If you are in pain or spooked by dread, ask God to help you hear His directions. Learn the lessons your current state is teaching. Stop beating yourself up so much. Breath as you let go as you are able.

Enjoy the journey even when it is scary sometimes.


Author: Jean Watley

Reflections on ordinary experiences

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